Book Review: Wonder by R.J Palacio

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I take the bus to go to my university every day and if you know about Bangladesh you know how great it is to make you observing a single thing minutes over minutes very carefully by stuck you in an hour-long Traffic Jam. One day, I was trying to subside my annoyance sitting in the traffic and suddenly I saw a man walking with crutches on the footpath. There was rhythm you know, how he pulled his one and only leg with a certain force. I was embarrassed when I noticed that the man saw me and still trying to look normal. I guess it’s not easy to do anything when someone is staring at you like star struct. While reading this book, I remember that man. People who are not physically normal, who don’t have body parts, or have it in deformed shape have always got unwanted attention. And it is hard to live with such attention. But yeah! nature always takes care of all its birds. I love books which have to explain from different points of view the same thing.

Wonder is totally that kinda book (but I actually did not know about it until I finished 25% of it). I love everything about this book, even the character that plays dirty and throws dirty looks all the time. It is ‘love at first page’ for me. I just found some character’s psychology a bit complicated to be understood and found their certain behavior very unexplained. Wonder is about August who is by born has a deformed (like deformed- deformed ugly) face. the book talks about his journey to the outer world beside his family which started with his journey to middle school. you’ll meet august’s family, his dog, his friends and so many people and the good thing is at a certain point you’ll wanna hug them all tightly, a squishy bear hug. can relate to August Pullman more if you have an obsession with star wars. quote from books, songs, movies with the internal book sections will warm the heart and short chapters will just fly through the whole book in a day. I can read this book twice a day I bet. Adjectives are shortened to describe the feelings I get after finishing this book. This is a book that I would love to read to my daughter one day and appreciate and celebrate kindness together. If anyone ever feels bad about their body or face or any physical gesture he/she should immediately read this book and see it’s a blessing to be normal, to be ordinary. If that person is not ordinary then he/she already knows how cruel the universe is to the extraordinary person but it’s still okay because he/she is the wonder that the ordinary people are not. 
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