April Précis 2020

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April – the month where flowers begin to bloom, spring is at our door and we look forward to seeing nature getting refreshed. This April is quite different. Though April has a nice tone to its name, it was not that nice to us!

The pandemic situation hit us earlier this year but the effect seems to become severe in April, for me at least. We were not allowed to go outside except grocery, medical or bank purposes, and guests are not allowed to come at anybody’s home. The street, park, shopping malls, everything seems like a deserted and haunted town. I wonder where COVID-19 had hit hard, how ominous those places look because Australia was not even affected that much by this virus.

At the start it was okay. We thought it would be fun to stay home together, having more time to chill. I can finally read all the books on my TBR pile or watch the tv series and movies on ‘My List’. This energy did not last even a week. Imposition is a system where you do not enjoy the things you like to do usually because you are bound to do. The right of choice is snatched away by a virus and we realize how weak we are in front of a tiny invisible entity. It taught us we should never ever take anything for granted. Especially the ‘stay at home’ things started taking a toll on my mental health thinking about my parents residing in another country where the community and government are not that aware of the intensity of the pandemic situation.

However, I get to learn and grow in this situation a lot and venture into so many positive things. Let’s begin the list of positivity April has given me-

Made a Blog Site from Scratch:

I think this is one of the proudest moments of my life that I have built this blogsite and launch it with very minimal help from my friend and mighty internet. Here I am, not a tech-savvy person but YouTube and Google became my best friend in this new journey and help me to build this beautiful site (Yes! I call my site beautiful because it is!). I just want to post my daily boring yet relatable adventures somewhere and writing had always been an open gate to let my negative aura out and welcome everything optimistic – so the decision of giving my write-ups a bigger platform was always somewhere back in my mind. I am just so proud that I make this happen finally and built it from scratch – almost totally by myself.

Meowread to The Half Sylheti:

This physical social distancing pushes me to embrace the virtual social distancing and I was ready for it. April is the month when I left my old bookstagram Id @meowread and shift into @the_half_sylheti – the same name as my blog. I started interacting with people more, giving more time behind creating content, and at the end of April, I have seen the result in a very positive way. People from the Bookstagram community are so welcoming and humble and they shower me with genuine appreciation over my contents, insta blogs, stories. I learned to open up more, put my thought for the outside world, and the people over there make me so comfortable that I will be always grateful to them. It was a big step for me to put myself out there I am so glad I did that.

Netflix & Chill Review:

Not a movie buff but yah! I love watching tv shows, movies, docs, and people around me always come to me for honest reviews and want recommendations from me. On Instagram I started a series called ‘Watch It or Skip It?’ and many kinda appreciate this series.

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𝚆𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑 𝚒𝚝 𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚔𝚒𝚙 𝚒𝚝? K I N G D O M If you are into zombies and korean dramas and in search of good cocaine after PARASITE and something like but a bit different from TRAIN TO BUSAN, then this is for you! In Josean period, the king of Korea is not coming in front of people and many claim he is dead and the crown prince should be crowned soon but the palace declares King is sick and only a few (the pregnant queen, the chief state counselor and others) can meet him. In reality the king is indeed resurrected by help of a plant and now craves for humen flesh and suddenly this craving outbreaks in the country. There are so many layers in this drama.I have read somewhere that every zombie story is actually political and this drama shows it with very clever screen play.The way peasents treated in time of femine and the palace politics affects other people's lives are so mindblowingly executed. Apart from the funny running scenes of the zombies and a few ignorable plotholes this drama is too good. The camera work (specially of S2-action scenes) are beautiful.I love the intense background score. 2 seasons out on Netflix and I highly recommend it to watch. Then we can wait together for season 3 and cry over the deaths of our favourite characters. Psst! it is adopted from a graphic comics named Kingdom of the Gods. Fyi in case. This is my first shitty attempt to try double exposure.excuse it if you can.ok,chao! . . . . #netflixandchill #netflix #koreandrama #kingdom #kdrama #bookblogger #lifestyleblogger #likeforlikes #followers #instagram #influencer #bookish #booksbooksbooks #bdbookstagrammer #bookstagrambd #qotd #recommended #tvshows #quarentine #positivevibes #bd #vsco #snapseed #zombie #reviews #blogger #blog #bangla #bangladesh

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 I invest my time in watching more documentaries, movies, tv shows. I want to be very honest with my reactions towards these entertainment mediums thus I do not watch anything by force or newly released.

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𝚆𝚊𝚝𝚌𝚑 𝚒𝚝 𝚘𝚛 𝚂𝚔𝚒𝚙 𝚒𝚝? Knives Out What makes a good mystery thriller movie? One that causes nerve wrecking tension, keeps the viewers at the edge of their seat,high anticipation of who'd dun it and holds the intensity till the end. Now this movie has all of them but the plot, the characters, everything give you a bit of more information when it already reveals the killer in a murder mystery storyline. It throws us, the viewers in a maze what to do with that information because there's still 1 and a half hours remain to finish the movie. This MM stands out from other thrillers for the way the scriptwriter and director decided to tell us the story despite having all the cliches a TM has. A crime thriller author is found dead after his birthday party and every persona in his family was there but do they have motive to kill him or is it a plain suicide? Moreover the cast is brilliant.You simply cannot praise one and then left others. But obviously Daniel Craig stole the limelight because of his wonderfully formed accent and body language. If you are a Craig fan seeing him play Bond,it would make you his super fan. I love the set and the camera tone.I feel like the tone and set design are immensely inspired by vintage era like the storyline itself very much feel like a classic Agatha Christie inspired but with its own modern twists and turns. It has perfect blend of mystery,drama,suspense and comedy. 5 ★ from me and highly recommended for any mastery lover. It's sharp, it's witty and more importantly it’s stylish, so Do not SKIP IT, WATCH It! . . . . . #movie #moviereview #movierecommendation #movietime #suspense #movieblogger #lifestyleblogger #likeforlikes #followers #instagram #influencer #bookish #booksbooksbooks #bdbookstagrammer #bookstagrambd #bookblogger #recommended #moviejunkie #quarentine #positivevibes #bd #vsco #snapseed #thriller #reviews #blogger #blog #bangla #bangladesh #drama

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The content series gets my great raw reaction as I go with my flow and pick whatever I am watching totally on my mood. I have watched so far various shows but review only two or three things on Instagram but the responses were great and overwhelmed me.

Reading in a Book Slump:

Not everything was positive in my life if you are thinking by reading so far that, ‘Hmm, This chic gets her shit together!’. NO! I am not. I hit a book slump after like 9 years or 10. I am the kind of person who reads 100-200 pages every day. I sacrifice my bedtime and read books because they are food for my soul. This constant staying at one place put me in a slump. I could not read anything. I was constantly jumping from one book to another, try audiobooks, podcast, tv adaptations- nothing worked for me. That might be another reason I got to watch this many movies and tv series but this slump gives me a break that I might need and did not even realize it. It lasted only two weeks and I still get to finish 4 books. Not bad, huh?

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🄱🄾🄾🄺 🅁🄴🅅🄸🄴🅆 Letters To The Lost By Brigid Kemmerer Two young person lost two loved ones and letters bring them together but so much more is there that can make the connection stronger or break it for eternity. This book is one of the best YA i have ever read.The writing is very easy going,almost like a comfort read yet hold captivating dialogues, story and backstories and deep thoughts. I tend to avoid YA because as an adult I look for a more thoughtful plots with practical situations and behaviours where most of the YAs I have come acrossed are mushy romances. This book somewhat gets me out of my feet. The plot is dramatic, even melodramatic at its climax yet the author pull of very well with good characterization, so well written letters and emails.The chemistry between the protagonists are so heartwarming and its so good to see them bonding over written words.I just want a penpal right now. The book is actually not about romance. It shows quite well how to handle the grief when someone lose a dear one and the portrait of grieving is very realistic. Though the boy protagonist Declan sometimes becomes unpleasant but the way he thinks is really relatable. You are gonna love Juliet, the frmale protagonist. She is the most practical fictional character and I almost like everything about her specially how she depicts things around her. There are cliches but I don’t mind them for the emotional and powerful storyline. I would highly recommend it if you are in a reading slump. Because it pulls me out of mine. 4.5 ★ . . . . . #lifestyleblogger #travelphotography #ausyabloggers #trending #travelgram #blogger #booksofinstagram #book #bookblogger #life #influencer #instagram #likeforlikes #bookphotography #bookcover #bookishglee #bookishfeatures #bookishlife #booksofinsta #booksbooksbooks #bookcommunity #booknerdigans #iloveya #bookstagrambd #bookstagram #travel #likeforlikes #influencer #photooftheday #bookreview

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More time with Shyreen:

The ‘stay at home’ does not make any big difference in my life as I am a ‘stay home mum’ but this time is hard for Shyreen. She was agitated (still is), becoming more dependent on screen and I got the chance to spend more time with her to tame her down, make the confided situation a bit easy for her. It was a new chance to bond with her where everybody in our home needed their own space but need each other too. Shyreen helped me to grow as a mum at this time a lot. I have found ways to use minimal things to make toys and play with her, teach her to help me with chores and we both have evolved through this a lot.

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Today is 'Absolutely Incredible Kid Day' – a campaign run by @campfirenhq. Grab this opportunity, post a photo of a young person in your life and tell him/her how incredible he / she is! The mission of this campaign is to empower the kids with strong and kind words. For me the most incredible kid is my 2 yo daughter Shyreen. She is wonderful and amazing in every possible way. I always tell everybody my baby is a child of miracle. I had a complicated pregnancy yet she survived in the womb and since then glorifies my life in incredible ways. Yes, the post natal depression is real and people around me often thinks a child might be the root of the mental unrest but what they do not know is, my child is exactly the reason from whom I get the motivation of moving on, close my eyes to open them again to see the flourishing of the kid I have. Having a kid at home not only lights a candle in your dark times, eventually my little flower teaches me new things in her own way. When adulting sucks the purity and innocence out of my soul, making me harsh; Shyreen is the driver to keep me intact my sense and to humanity. These period of self isolation and pandemic is another chance to recognise her incredibility once again seeing her routins, reactions to the confined lifestyle. Sharing toys and ice creams are almost equivalent to nurturing kindness. Crying your hearts out for the desired things is okay because that's a closure and will led you to your next desired thing.Love everybody your heart out and melt every hard heart with a smile. All these incredible things I have leart from her. To many beautiful days in future! P:S: Thanks to @the.millennial.ma for letting us know about this day. . . . . . #aikd #lifestyleblogger #life #influencer #instagram #bookblogger #igdaily #child #momlife #momblogger #likeforlikes #lifestyle #daily #bookishlife #blogger #mom #motherhood #incredible #aikido #bangla #bangladesh #baby #dailymotivation #positivevibes #followforfollowback

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Pohela Boishakh & Ramadan:

 For us Bangalis, April is a month of festivity because we have our Bengali New Year on 14th April. It is one of the main festivals we celebrate wherever we are in the world by wearing White and Red saree, White Kurta, by making some real desi food, deserts. In Bangladesh, people from all religions, class, sex are on the road joining a colorful procession singing songs, holding masks, wearing flowers. COVID-19 held us under our roof this year but it could not captivate our spirit and this spiritual universal celebration added a new dimension in our culture. Throughout the internet, I had seen people wearing festive clothes and preparing foods in Pohela Boishakh and celebrated it in their own way. It was mind-blowing and very peaceful.

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শুভ নববর্ষ Happy Bengali New Year ig fam! #qotd how important festival like Pohela Boishakh is in your life? To me it's somewhat important like celebrating my birthday. My dad and mum always pull us out of our bed on pohela boishakh and took us to Ramna at 6 am. All of our cousins planned for this day from early April. We took the control of wardrobes of everyone (ammu, chachi, fupi) and selected shari for us. At 5am we started make up and every apartments in our building woke up as we started running from floor to floor just to get things done on time. We used to learn singing. So always we headed to Press Club after Romna to havr our own Programme.Then we had lunch at Reporter's unity and attended cultural prog there. When I entered University,I got a beautiful friend circle. We always had our fun time at charukola in pohela boishakh. I just had entered into relationship with Shishir (husband) then.So after breakfast at club, ammu (my mom is the bff material, I am telling you) always helped me to sneek out and let me meet shishir. He used to come to public library from Jahangirnagar uni wearing that ironed white Panjabi of his. And I had to get back home before eve so that Abbu didn’t get to ques my absence much. Those were the happy days. The thrills and festivity of this day in my life is very important. I just think ahead of time and see Megh wearing white and red saree, roaming with us at charukola. It's sad that this year we stuck at home. Next three years PB falls in Ramadan. Abbu ammu had a slight melt down today to break their habit of celebration. But I am so proud seeing people celebrating in creative and special ways in their home. Such a great cause to lift our spirit in this situation. We trird to doll up a lil and dedicate today to the books(hence the photo).Hope you are having a great time. At lst wear a saree over your top and pant like me (cannot find my petticoat and blouse) and put on lipstick.See the power of mood lifting through makeup. Have a great new start. . . . #pohelaboishakh #festivalfashion #bloggingcommunity #bloggerstyle #likeforlikes #bookishglee #bookstagrambd #bookstagrammer #bangla #bangladesh #bangladeshi #igdaily

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Ramadan is a big part of Muslim Culture. It is an Arabic month when we fast from sunrise to sunset and the reason behind it is very beautiful. The God Almighty wanted us to feel the hunger that is suffered by less privileged people of the society and we get the chance to cleanse our soul in a spiritual way this month. Ramadan started in April too and COVID -19 impacted it as well. We are used to iftar parties, share our foods with the less privileged ones but this year Ramadan is different. I think we get a better excuse to connect with God in this Ramdan and be very mindful of and grateful for what we are eating, what we are doing.

April was not so friendly but with time we learn to swim and we swim with the flow. The world lost many beautiful souls this month either normally or by this Corona Virus. As a Bollywood buff, I am so sorry for the loss of two veteran actors at the last of April – Irfan Khan & Rishi Kapoor. The movie industry in India can never fill up these gaps and my heart will always remember them for great movies like Lunch Box and Mulk.

Death news makes us numb. Tore our heart apart and I know more bad news is on the way. But you know what comes along with the bad news? The hope of hearing tons of Great News.    

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