August & September Précis 2020

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August & September are my not so favorites because nothing usually happens much in these months for me. In August, Bangladesh supposed to be cool down a bit because the monsoon should be there to touch everything with her wet clothes. Roads should be underwater (because hey, we have an effed up drainage system), Ilish (Hilsha) and Khichuri (Hotchpotch) should on the menu almost every day ( because we are Bangali indeed, though my Sylheti mom hates it to the core) and the whole country should enjoy the smell of earth before the rain sitting beside a window. Almost all of these are enjoyable unless you live in a backdated area where you need to go out every day or you are a farmer.

Comparatively, the rain did come late and summer was very stubborn to go away this year. The heat made COVID-19 its best friend and decided to give more pain to people. Still, a lot of places in Bangladesh are flooded and the corps went under the water. It is extremely heartbreaking for the farmer’s community as well as the low and middle-income people because every regular food item had a price hike.

The most noticeable thing in August and September 2020 were people’s reactions to Covid. They had become more adaptable and started to bother less which was scarier than angry Zeus, I swear. Amidst all these, almost all offices started to have workplace activities and lessen work from home time. People started going out for local tours because staying between four walls is not an easy task after all. Now, not with very much proud, I am confessing that we did have a village tour for ourselves but it was such a refreshment for the soul that you realize finally what it feels like to be under the open sky or to swim like a mermaid on a pond (Ariel must be frowning at me reading this).

Thank God we had been on our toe to assure all the safety precautions. This visit just made me realize how much it is important for a child to be grown in an open environment and having natural education. Shyreen surely enjoyed it much more than the adult group.

September was so so, but the best thing that happened to me is I became an aunt of twins. My cousin who is like my sibling gave birth to a handsome baby boy named AYAN & a beautiful baby girl AYIZA. They are special not because they were prematurely born or their mother had to go through hundreds of hormonal injection push adapting the IVF procedure. They are special because they are the miracle of God and they made us realize that science is a blessing of the Almighty and it will live just under him to give humans their ultimate happiness.

I haven’t read much or watch much in August & September but enjoyed my surrounding with my family members mostly. August & September were dedicated mostly to cutesy fluffy romances which served me right because they are always mood lifting. But I do want to start October shaking my procrastination driven behavior off my shoulder and kick start it with everything. Wish me luck, maybe?

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