Easiest Skincare Routine Ever!

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Skin is the cloth that came as a default with you. Every day to go outside, to socialize, to feel good you might expend hundreds ad thousands of bucks over your accessories, makeup, outfits but to me, we need to invest on our skin which will always stay with us. The game that needs to be strong is our skin which has the ability to boost our confidence other than anything.

So you might have seen a thousand of skincare routine done in the night, in the morning, in midmorning. I will share the easiest, the basic skincare routine that you need and won’t even pressure to buy or use expensive skincare items in order to do that.  I am writing here the very basics that you might already know but probably do not bother to consistently get involved in this routine maybe for it is very basic. But trust me, this has the ability to change your game for along run if you do it properly and just be consistent.

Here We Go:

  1. Drink Water like You are a Thirsty Bedouin in Sahara-

I know Right! Believe me or not this is very simple yet very hard for someone if that person doesn’t use to drink the proper quota of water every day. 8 Glasses of water every day which means 2 liters. It seems easy but not quite easy if you don’t keep track of it and thinking of going to pee every other minute.

The first week will be a mess. I recommend having a 2 litre or 1-litre water bottle. It’s the easiest way to keep track rather than counting 8 glasses. Your body will adjust within the first week. If you are not drinking water properly, start this immediately. How it works, you may ask. Water is the revival element that helps our cells to regrow, to revive and also it brings out the toxic away from our body through pee and sweat. I hope you will find the answer to the math yourself now.

  • Go Green, I mean say Yes to Vegetables –

Oh, I know you are rolling your eyes at this point but Mommy pushed you to eat veggies for a special reason! See, to get the beautiful clear skin you need to poop every day! EVERYDAY! And what makes you poop every day? Green veggies especially which have more fibers in them. Grab a plate and fill it with leafy or any kind of green veggies. Not only you will be one step ahead to a healthy lifestyle, but your skin will also be free from sudden breakouts and blemishes.

  • Wash, Wash, Wash Your Face –

Now I am going into the main skincare process explanation field. The first two steps I have explained are to clear your skin from inside. Now what you can do to start the skincare is to wash it. I would recommend wash it two times max, not more than this. Because I do not believe in running a rough patch every now and then. I consider human skin as a delicate surface, so I am totally opposed to vigorously washing it. Use a mild facewash or choose according to your face type. I have always seen people using the scrub every day, two times. I would recommend to use it every other day but it definitely depends on your skin and weather and environment of your living and working routine. If you work in a dusty place, under the sun most of the days; then you should use a scrub every day. If you need to refresh your skin midst of the day, use a rosewater spray or a simple splash of water.

  • Is Serum Necessary? –

The most popular product added in this modern skincare routine is serum. There are hundreds of serum. Some give you extra moisture, some have anti-aging elements, some are just refreshing touch for the skin. But find what you really want for your skin and after washing your face with a facewash, use the serum. Definitely it would give your skin a boost.

I will give you a quick tip in case if you do not want to use a serum or you are like me who cannot afford or find serum according to choice all the time. Just have a very little quantity of olive oil and mix it with two-three drops of water. I generally mix 4 to 5 drops of oil with the same amount of water and apply it on my skin. If you have oily skin, you may want to use more water in this mixture.

  • Dive in the Moisturiser-

That’s right. Just dive yourself into a moisturizer. It is the food for your skin so feed the right amount of food to your skin every day. Try to use two different types of moisturizers for day and night. I usually use a very light concentrated cream for day and usually a heavy one for night. 

  • Am I Forgetting Something? –

I thought I have given you my limited wisdom about skincare then I remembered! I have totally forgotten about Lips. Lips are very delicate and one needs to take extra care of them. Always carry a lip balm and use it whenever you feel it dry. Put a generous amount of petroleum jelly on lips before your beauty sleep at night.

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  • Use a clean soft cloth over your pillow before you put your face on it. There is dust sleeping on your pillowcase even before your time of sleeping (even though you try to wash them every once or twice a week) and these dust can easily enter into your skin pores and can cause acne breakout.
  • Skin is not only on your face. It wrapped your whole body. Try to put moisturizing lotion or olive oil on your whole body every day. Night is the best time.
  • Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. The cells are dying and regrowing every second and you need to brush the dead cells off of your body to get the glow you have seen on the beauty salon ad.

This is very basic and I know you must be very annoyed at this point but I know if you follow these routines every day, you can have the flawless skin you desire of. I am not going to name any specific products. Just choose what you are comfortable applying to your skin. Products on photos are my ‘every day to go’ skincare item. Only by following these normal rules, I accomplished to get back my baby soft skin and I feel confident to go outside without putting on makeup. I hope my personal experience will help you to get what you dream of!

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