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All my life I have been that girl whose existence is like non-existent. A part of the crowd where I recognize my ability to stand out but not trying hard to raise my voice to claim recognition because socializing was never my forte. I like to be the commoner. But then adulthood hit me. I had started dealing with a lot of things at a time. Carrying my full plate of emotions, burden, insecurities and low confidence pushes me to a new door which is writing. I see the opportunity where from staying behind a screen where I can draw a limit but still create a beautiful path to communicate with people all over the world. I grab it and start talking about things I feel on a daily basis, very random, very real and surprisingly I met people online who can connect with my writing. I met people who need the virtual hugs, the courage to stand up, the unsaid vulnerabilities that need to be shared – just like me. All these people, their appreciation push me to find my solace in blogging.

So here I am -starting my journey offline to online, on a big platform. I am that girl with whom you can share your book talk, your crazy potter universe theories (because of a Ravenclaw Potterhead here! Hi!), or the thought you have while having your cuppa today. I am a crazy bookworm who loves to travel the fictional world but does real-world travelling too. As most of my travels are in the budget so I know a thing or two about pocket-friendly traveling hacks. There is a two years old angel named Shyreen in my life. I and my husband both share the passion for travelling the world. We are traveling with Shyreen since she was 9 months old. I think my experience with budget travelling with a baby would help you, new mothers, some tips and courage to not stop wandering.

Besides sharing my passion for reading and traveling, I am a great foody (the increasing pounds on my weight scales are witnesses). I would not say I love cooking, but I like it doing sometimes but mostly I like experimenting with my foods, bring twists in the recipes. The thing I really like experiencing different types of cuisines and read the story of the origins of foods all around the world. Food docs are my favorite.

I used to be a great screen junkie but the habit I lost somehow. Still, Netflix holds a big place in my life. Hindi web series are so good, I can totally binge-watch them every day. I run a ‘Watch it or Skip it’ series about my impression mainly of Netflix shows on my Instagram. But I would love to see the behind the screen shows. It gives me a better perspective of screenwriting and executions.

 Fashion or lifestyle is not exactly my forte but as an ordinary person, I do share an interest have my own hacks and taste to lead my life in an organized way. Like almost everyone, I like beautiful clothes, basic jewelry. To me, fashion is very unique and varies from person to person. To me, it is comfort; it should be something like my skin that I would be able to carry everywhere. But it is also like an accessory that can lift my mood, makes me more confident, and most importantly- happy. If you think the same, I like to welcome you to board on my train and we hope to share some great – probably desi fashionable tips, wears and what not.   

Hope you will stick with this positive-Teaholic person through her writing and together we will have some great adventure. This world is too small to not communicate with people around the world and I am grateful that my introvert soul finally starts it.

Thank you for reading this first post of mine.

Lots of Love

-The Half Sylheti.

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  1. It’s very comforting to know that someone like you is out there. All the best wishes and love to you 💙

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