June & July Précis 2020

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Ever know a lazy person who procrastinates a lot and then compiles works together? That’s me. Here I am finally posting my June and July digests in one post as I am very very late. Although procrastination was there to delay posting, I had a lot more on my plate too. Bear with me to know what I have been doing for the last two months.

Being a June girl, I cannot apologize enough for posting the precis of June in late August . Sadly this year June was not a great game for me. Lots and lots were going on in my life and I was drowning in responsibilities and emotions. But I can never ever complained about June because one fine morning in late June, I came into this beautiful world.

For me, June is all about my birthday. I will keep this digest small as I have not done much this month but still, the spark of counting down days to enter into a new age zone was there. Originally I gracefully started knocking on the door of thirties and this year all I can think about is how far I have come till now. Won’t say I have achieved much in the material sense but definitely gained so many friends, positive energies, intellectual beauties that filled my heart to the fullest.

If there is any birthday ritual I am maintaining in this pandemic; that would be buying books for myself. Cannot remember when did I start this birthday book haul thing but it gives me immense joy to have new books on my birthdays. It is a very small gifts for me from myself but very meaningful to me.

When the lockdown hit us with limited earning opportunities and less online delivery facilities, the rare sight of open local thrift stores was a blessing. Although I do not recommend buying secondhand things in this pandemic at all, I cannot hold myself from buying some books at the cheapest price possible. The headache started afterward when I started packing for Bangladesh.

On that note, did I tell you that this July is special because I did move out of Australia to Bangladesh? I have been living in Sydney for one and a half years and it was a wonderful experience. I had made new friends, met old friends in a new city, had traveled to new countries, places, made memories with my family. Sydney embraced me with lots and lots of love and warmth that I cannot return back in this lifetime. But I do try to do my part by writing a series named ‘What I will miss about Sydney’ on my Instagram. Hopefully, I will make the same post in an extended version here too. I am truly grateful to my followers and fellow bloggers on Instagram for giving me immense support in this ‘moving out’ journey to one continent from another.

July was stressful because shifting from one place to another was never easy for me. I am a very clingy person to memories and to places where I make them. This shifting was harder as Shyreen is a budding super active toddler. Apart from selling and donating tons and tons of things, I was worried about finding ways to keep her calm on our 36 hours journey. This journey deserves another post. But I must say I am grateful to numerous airport workers and airways stuff out there for rendering their valuable services. But my oh my, the trip was eventful as I did lose my handbag at Doha airport and had to run here and there about 1 hour to get it back. MashaAllah, Shyreen was not that fussy throughout the journey and made it easy for us. But I will remember this trip to Bangladesh as the pandemic situation did add mixed flavors to it. The feeling of seeing a deserted airport is scary and sad yet felt something else.

July comes with another big event which is Eid-ul-Adha and this Eid is memorable because I spent it with my family in my own country. You know, there are moments when you are doubting about the blessings God had bestowed you with and then you realized actually there is no place to have that doubt in your life; this Eid was exactly like that. In Eid-ul-Fitr, my dad was admitted in the hospital for being affected by COVID-19 and we thought we could never have an Eid with him. SO this Eid was a real blessing when I got the chance to see him healthy and smiling.

Moreover seeing Shyreen with animals is a treat for eyes. The way she kissed and patted the cows and goats was overwhelming for us to watch. Eid-ul-Adha is all about sacrifice favorite things and we hope this year our ‘Kurbani’ get accepted because we did sacrifice our loved for greater things and to show respect to the order of our Almighty.

June and July , you were kind to us and we cannot say enough thanks to you foe hanging there with us.

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