May Précis 2020

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What is so great about May? – Nothing! Nothing because there is no festivity or special days in my culture, religion, or in the country I live in May right now. But this year Ramadan decors May with cute little moon-shaped fairy lights and even though everybody was confined at home due to a pandemic, this simple month feels festive.

Noticing the glowing aura of spirit, I too joined the iftar and suhoor food cooking spree. Not much a cook here but glad to see some improvement in my cooking skill which also makes me wonder about the evolution of my traditional childhood iftar and suhoor food items. The difference was huge. The taste is changing, the person who makes the food consumes the food change too as well as the menu gets changed with our rushing lifestyle. The Ramadan Eatery blog post of mine will take you to the experience I have due to change food items in Ramadan then and now.

Talking about change, you know what else has changed in May? Our sleep schedules. Work and study from home ultimately loosened the rope time has used us to bind in a routine and why should not we take advantage of that?  Though it was Ramadan, we kept ourselves awake till Suhoor, slept at 5 am, rose at 12 pm and made our winter short days shorter. Not a pleasant Ramadan for me and I think when you broke your routine and do something off the clock, it feels nice for two or three days. But if you keep doing it and sink yourself in this new routine, you also lose the essence of so many things. Your new ‘Normal’ clashes with the general ‘Normal’ and most of the cases, this collision is not that good.

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Ramadan eventually comes to an end and we started to prepare for hopefully the last Eid in Australia.  Destiny smiled at our preparations of making sweet-savory desserts for Eid and my father needed to admit in the hospital at the Eid Morning as he started developing breathing problems due to COVID. I am still feeling numb writing about that day but I think I am going to remember this Eid for all the empty feelings, half-finished cooking, and mumbling prayers. This Eid was not a day when I compare my Henna to others, taste the sweetness of the semai but spent it on doing Sajdah. The Almighty did not disappoint me and my belief in the power of Duah has brought back my parents and sister as survivors from the battle with COVID.

Let’s sprinkle some positive energy in the post. I did my first ever story hop on Instagram about Eid memories back in the home. It was messy but I will be ever grateful for the beautiful bloggers out there for including me in this project. It’s hard for a person like me to put me out there in front of a camera talking with hundreds of people but it feels so good to reminiscing the beloved memories of Eid back in the home and find out the similarities. I am adding the post below for you. Let me know how similar my Eids with yours.

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𝓒𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓮𝓭 𝓜𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓔𝓲𝓭 Eid is knocking at the door and while wondering how the members of the National Moon Sighting Committee are doing in this situation, my mind wanted to cherish the memories of Eid back in Bangladesh. Have you ever realized the word EID is so tiny but had the power of holding enormous happiness in it. Even whenever I get any good news I say,today is like Eid. Memories of Eid have to be fluffy naturally. My Eid back in home had so many colours and turns. The smell of boiling milk with dried grape on Eid eve first let us know that tomorrow's gonna be rad! That song, 'Romjaner Oi Rojar Seshe' reminded that morning tea is back. Efforts were put behind henna colour to be flourished like life depended on it,and so did behind hiding the new clothes. Eid was about Eidi mostly – at lst for us. Now looking back my pockets let me taste how happy the elders felt tormenting us with the smell of new freshly pressed money. That table full of foods after 30 days of fast was a real feast and torture for stomach but I aced them anyways. Had an ultimatum to get back home before sunset even on Eid but I had to go and do the Special Eid embrace with friends. The day went very peacefully but in a blink. You know what didn’t go so swiftly- the tv programmes.TV channels had 10 days long special programme running but nothing but only ITTADI could bring the whole family before tv set.It's still a Eid tradition. Now, I just had to cook, eat and dress up if I want to have a self push Eid day vibe of my own here. But at the end of the day my heart holds all the memories of Eid I had in home and that what bring happiness. Watch my storyhop with amazing blogger @nazminsdailybook, @youknow_hue @shezo_makes and @the_clueless_mum. Pls use the hashtag #EidmemoriesBangladesh,tag me in your post so that I can share them and lets celebrate Eid together here remembering all the beautiful memories. P:S: do watch our story hop please! 💓 . #eid #ramadan #bengalimom #likebangladesh #likeforlikes❤ #aquietplace #bengaliblogger #desibloggers #Eidmubarak2020 #eid2020 #hennafun #mehdi #bookstagrammers #unitedbookstagram #bookdragon #bookblog #iloveread

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May was definitely not what I hope for. May will still be remembered for the love and support I get from my family, friends, and virtual family out there in the crumble time of darkness. We will look for something good in June. I hope it will be kind on us!

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